Are your old house receptacle outlets safe?


The answer is yes and no. Without checking, people won't be able to find out whether the receptacle outlets and its wire behind the walls are safe or not. Usually, it will cost you a lot of money and time to ask an electrician to check all the receptacle outlets of your house. With wirecare, you may save a few, and more importantly, you can do it yourself!

The wirecare is a small device that evaluates the Wiring in Houses. It's a pretty simple unit: you plug in wirecare directly into an outlet and a series of LEDs flash for 10 seconds before stabilizing on a color. Red means call an Electrician, now; Orange indicates Sub-Par Wiring and Green indicates everything is Copacetic.

How easy would that be? Let wirecare help you to protect your life and your old house for years to come.

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