10 seconds of checking for 10 years of safety


What can you do within 10 seconds? With wirecare, you can give your family a safer life for 10 years to go in 10 seconds.

Within 10 seconds, wirecare is able to measure the receptacle outlet with its "Contact Resistance" detection providing the values are 《less than 0.25 Ohm》, 《0.25 Ohm》, 《0.75 Ohm》, and 《1 Ohm》 respectively. wirecare responds with lights in Green, Orange, and Red colors, all 8 LED in levels of colors to tell your receptacle outlet status.

*Check out the full WIRECARE Experiment video by 《#StrongpiLab》 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Rwplb4E0dDc

You may not need to understand the electricity and resistance.... and all that stuffs to protect your properties and family members. Only should you need wirecare, simply plug-in to your receptacle outlets and extension cords, the result will be shown in 10 seconds through 3 different lights, green, orange and red, which represents safe, caution and danger respectively. wirecare brings you a safer and easier future life in 10 seconds.

Now! 10 years of safety just a click away.

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